Just think a minute... it could change everything


The Waste of Worry

††††††††† Think a minuteÖDo you remember as a child being afraid of the boogie man or monsters at night? But now that youíre an adult, you know better than to be afraid of things that donít exist, right? Itís amazing how we adults still have fears and worries about things that are not real. Like the man who said: ďDonít tell me worrying doesnít help. Almost all the things I worry about never happen to me!Ē† The crazy thing is that worry and fear make you run from something that isnít even chasing you. Besides, worry only gives you wrinkles, which is just something else to worry about!

Englandís former Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, said that whenever he started to worry heíd remember the man on his deathbed who said, ďIíve had a lot of trouble in my lifeóand most of it never happened!Ē You see,itís not work that kills people, itís worry. When you fear the future, youíre wasting the present. Besides, today has enough trouble of its own. So ďAt night, give your worries to God. Heís up all night anyway!Ē

Fear and worry is kind of like a rocking chair:† it keeps you going, but you donít get anywhere! And if you canít help worrying, remember that worrying canít help you either. Fear will often find proof for itself. If youíre fearful, youíll find something to be fearful about. Thatís why the American President, Franklin Roosevelt, said:† ďThe only thing we have to fear is fear itself.Ē† Many of us are afraid of what others think; but if we knew how seldom they actually think about us, weíd know not to worry.

So whatever youíre afraid of or worrying about, ask yourself:† Is it real? And if it is real, how will worrying about it help you? How long will it last? Is it something you can change? If not, how can you best accept and handle it?† Then finally ask yourself:† How important will this be a year from now? Will it be important to me at the end of my life?† Today, why not give your life, and all its worries, to Jesus Christ? Ask Him to take charge. Then youíll know that after youíve done your best, Heíll always take care of the rest.† Just Think a MinuteÖ