Just think a minute... it could change everything


Stooping to Save

<            Think a minute…One cold winter night in America, a farmer heard a sound of thumping against his window. He looked out and saw tiny,  little birds hitting the window glass over and over again, trying to get into the light and warmth inside his house. The farmer felt sorry for the birds freezing outside in the cold snow, so he put on his coat to go outside and open the barn door for the little birds. He turned on the lights and made a trail of breadcrumbs to lead the birds into the barn. But when the man came out of the house, the birds flew away and hid in the darkness, afraid of him.          

He tried different ways to get them to come into the warm, safe barn, but nothing worked. All the birds could see in the farmer was a big, strange creature who scared them. They couldn’t understand that he only wanted to help and save them. Finally, the farmer went back inside his house and sadly watched the little birds struggling out in the cold snow, and freezing to death. Suddenly, as he was watching, the thought came so clearly to him:  “If I could only become a bird—like them, so they would not be afraid of me, I could show them the way to warmth and safety.” 

Think a Minute…