Just think a minute... it could change everything


A Good Infection

Think a minute…Imagine you are walking through your town or village. Suddenly, you notice how red everyone’s eyes are and that many people are wearing sunglasses—indoors! You don’t have to be a genius to know that a bad eye infection is spreading, infecting people who in turn infect other people.

You and I can catch many different kinds of infections from other people, especially from those with whom we spend a lot of time, such as our mate and close friends. And we do not just catch physical infections of our bodies. We catch other people’s attitudes, priorities, way of thinking and living. This is the meaning of the well-known saying: “People are known by the company they keep.” That’s why we should choose the person we marry and our close friends very carefully. Like it or not, sooner or later we’re definitely going to be infected and influenced by their way of thinking and living. We will become like them in varying degrees.

Imagine there was someone whom you wanted to influence you with the best character, thinking and lifestyle. Someone you could be with all day every day. A person who understood and accepted you, yet who also challenged and helped you improve daily in every area of your life. Soon everything about you started to change: your attitudes and character, your job and career success, your relationships, lifestyle and habits. All because of this one successful, exciting person you spent time with every day.

Well, Jesus Christ came to do just that. He came to infect and start changing you with His character so you can start enjoying real satisfaction and success everyday. So why not ask Him to forgive you for your wrong heart, relationships and lifestyle? Then ask Him to take charge of your character and way of living. Only then can you catch His divine infection that will change your life permanently. Just Think a Minute