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To Die For
<em>Think a minute</em>ÖThis is a true story about an American teenager named Leo Carter

Think a minuteÖThis is a true story about an American teenager named Leo Carter. Leo was from the most dangerous part of the big city of Chicago. He was only 17 years old when he saw another teenager named Elijah shoot and kill a businessman. Elijah and his gang decided to kill Leo so he could not testify against them in court. One day they caught Leo, dragged him behind a building and shot him in the head. It was a miracle that Leo did not die. Yet even after that, Leo still had the courage to testify against Elijah for murdering that businessman.† Elijah is now in prison, because Leo stood for what he knew was the truth no matter what it cost him.

There are many people who would rather stay alive than die for the truth. Thereís a saying:† ďIf you donít have anything to die for, then you donít have anything to live for.Ē† Sometimes we pay a big price for being honest and standing up for the truth. We can make some real enemies, even lose our job or position of respect and power, just because we were honest and stood for the truth. The question is:† Who are you more afraid of? People and what they think or can do to you?† Or God, your Maker and Judge?

Jesus Christ said that you and I must decide if we truly believe He is Who He said He is:† the only true and living God Who came to die for all our wrongs so He could forgive us.† Since Jesus proved Heís God the Son by coming back to life from death, we must live His way everyday of our life.† We canít say we believe in Him and then keep living our own way instead of changing to live His way.

Thatís why Jesus said everyone must be born again. We must die to our past life of living our own way so we can start life all over again with His life and character changing us everyday to reach our potential He created in us.† Itís kind of like being pregnant:† either you have another personís life in you or you donít. You cannot be just a little pregnant. Neither can you have Jesus living in you only part-time once or twice a week.† So today, wonít you ask Jesus to forgive you and take full charge of your heart and lifestyle every day for the rest of your life?† Jesus is both to die for and live for.† Just Think a MinuteÖ