Just think a minute... it could change everything


Learning to Love

Think a minuteÖabout love. It makes the world go around, right? The problem is that there doesnít seem to be much going around! Most of us know that to love and be loved is what life is all about. So why is there so little real love in the world? Why have so many of us not learned how? How do I learn to love? Itís simple:† until I have been truly loved by someone else, I donít know how to truly love others. I know what youíre thinking:† ďNo one has ever loved me like that! I mean really loved me all the time without conditions, just as I am.Ē† Even our parents and spouse many times fail to love us that way.

So how can I ever learn to love? Iíve got some very good news for you. Someone already has loved you like that! You just didnít know it. We learn to love by seeing Godís love for us in Jesus Christ. Jesus loves you without conditions. No person in history has lived with such a perfect kind of love for others has Jesus Christ did. Real love cannot be done by slogans or songs. They cannot change our self-centered heart and nature. We all want real love, but none of us is able to give it. Thatís why Jesus came:† to show us what real love looks like. Jesus has given us the greatest picture and proof of His love for usóby giving His perfectly innocent life for all of our wrongs.† †††††††

So how do you learn to love? Just let Jesus love you. Ask Him to take charge of your heart and life everyday. And as you receive His love and power every day, youíll start learning how to love others like that; since youíll always be getting the love you need from Him.† Just Think a MinuteÖ